Coming soon! Treasury organisations – the digital revolution

In the summer of 2023, 107 companies took part in an online survey organised by the French Association of Corporate Treasurers (AFTE) and Redbridge. The aim of the survey was to assess the resources they allocate to each of the treasury-finance department’s main roles. The data collected can form the basis for discussions on companies’ roadmaps to digital treasury. We’re delighted to present an excerpt from the report, which will be published in full on our blog in June. If you’d like to receive the full report as soon as it’s available, please fill in the form at the end of this page.

Securing your initial bank loan early on: a way to secure growth

Several companies involved in the energy transition or tech have recently shown how it’s possible to secure bank financing at an early stage of their development, disrupting conventional credit analysis frameworks. How have they been able to secure their initial bank loan early on? By effectively communicating on their credit story. Their success is also down to their in-depth understanding of how banks work and their ability to garner support within these institutions, as Sébastien Loison and Harald Aschehoug, finance consultants at Redbridge, discuss in this article.

Expected rate cuts represent an opportunity for companies’ US cash management strategies

The prospect of monetary easing across the Atlantic in the coming months makes the adoption of an indexed, transparent mechanism for remunerating dollar deposits look like an attractive option. More generally, it’s a good opportunity for local treasurers to rethink their cash management strategies and how they manage their banking relationships. Take a look at our advice for 2024.

“How companies can maximise the interest they earn on their cash deposits”

The recent banking turmoil reminds everyone just how important it is to be managing counter party risk. This disarray also demonstrates the strategic nature of deposits for financial institutions. According to Alexandre Bousquenaud, one of the key objectives treasurers should focus on in this environment is negotiating their yield on cash balances to take advantage of ongoing monetary tightening.

“We must be a driving force for innovation in the domain of financing”, Laurent Christophe, Trafigura

Trafigura is one of the world’s leading independent commodity trading and logistics houses. At the heart of the global economy, Laurent Christophe, Head of Corporate Finance of Trafigura, shares with Redbridge the details of how his company is addressing and seizing financial opportunities in the current environment and what he envisions in the future.

The BSB File Format and Global Availability

Over the last 12 months, Redbridge Debt and Treasury Advisory in conjunction with the CGI Workgroup 5 has conducted one of the most extensive surveys of BSB availability and scope of Global AFP code usage to date. While 16 known banks can currently produce the BSB file in a variety of countries, the survey reveals that there is still a long way to go for truly global coverage, even among the top global money center banks.

Branch or Armored Carrier?

The use of cash and coin is not only declining, it is becoming more expensive each year. Large corporations required to receive payment in cash constantly look to reduce the cost of this service and manage the associated risks. Read here for some of the latest trends in cash and coin collection.

Why are some major banks not pricing EDI 822’s to encourage the elimination of paper?

At some banks, paper Account Analysis Statements are still priced lower than electronic versions of the same report in PDF, CSV, or EDI 822. One bank is actually charging its corporate clients up to $175 per account monthly to receive an electronic version of the same report that comes in paper form for $25! That does not make sense! writes Bridget Meyer, senior director at Redbridge.

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