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“How companies can maximise the interest they earn on their cash deposits”

The recent banking turmoil reminds everyone just how important it is to be managing counter party risk. This disarray also demonstrates the strategic nature of deposits for financial institutions. According to Alexandre Bousquenaud, one of the key objectives treasurers should focus on in this environment is negotiating their yield on cash balances to take advantage of ongoing monetary tightening.

The New ISO 20022 Timeline

Initially scheduled for the end of November 2022, the start of banks’ migration to the ISO 20022 standard for payments has been postponed by a few months. Rather than just being something new to comply with, the standard will enable banks to provide new services to businesses thanks to the enriched information that this payment format involves, and there will also be big benefits for corporate. Here’s what we found out about ISO 20022 during SIBOS in Amsterdam last October.

A Guide to Payment Architecture for Merchants

With such a fast-paced and everchanging payment ecosystem, there are no providers that can cover everything a merchant may need. So, how can merchants turn this challenge into a competitive advantage? It all starts with understanding and leveraging payment architecture.

Open Banking and the Need for Instant Treasury

Instant treasury is becoming more of a necessity as treasurers are increasingly looking for solutions that allow real time visibility on their cash positions. At the same time, open banking has become more accepted by many organizations as a result. So, what exactly is instant treasury and how can it be leveraged properly?

Banks Are Upgrading Their Billing Systems – Is Your Bank Fee Software Ready?

In the last 12 months, we have seen unprecedented amounts of changes to bank fee reporting due to bank mergers, system upgrades, bank fee rationalization projects, and the new AFP2020 Service Code rollout. How do you prepare your billing systems to manage these changes to your pricing agreements and confirm their impact on your bottom line? Depending on your vendor, this responsibility may fall on you. Watch our webinar hosted by our experts Bridget Meyer and Dave Strand to find out if your software is ready.

Witnesses Spar Over Swipe Fees at Senate Hearing

Banks and credit card companies sparred with consumer advocates and merchant representatives at a Senate hearing on interchange fees, the fees charged to merchants – and ultimately customers – for using credit cards. The hearing was led by Sen. Dick Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, with a panel of witnesses comprised of consumer advocates and executives from banks and credit card companies.

Spring 2022 Card Brand Changes

The card brands – Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express – make changes to their interchange rates and fees twice a year, usually in April and October, and are generally non-negotiable. This article highlights the major changes introduced in April 2022. Unless otherwise noted, all of these changes are effective 4/22/2022.

Global Digitization in the Depository Space

While the last few years have created significant changes in the treasury landscape with a rapid push towards digitalization (e.g. the resurgence of the QR code), the pace of change within the depository environment is better described as a slow and steady march.

Determining the true cost of payments

In March, Tom Hunt, Director of Treasury Services at the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP) hosted a webinar about determining the true cost of payments. He was joined by Mark Penserini (Corpay), David Deranek (Health Care Service Corporation) and Bridget Meyer (Redbridge).

The Rise of Buy Now, Pay Later

“Buy Now, Pay Later”, or BNPL, is not a new concept, but it has gained more popularity now than ever before. Gabriel Lucas and Hector Galvan, from Redbridge, discuss the benefits, the drawbacks and the future of deferred payments from a retailer’s perspective.

Buy Now, Pay Later: Navigating the Sea of Choices – Practical Insights From Mag Mid-Year 2022

Buy now, pay later is becoming an increasingly popular payment channel for merchants and consumers alike. As the name suggests, buy now, pay later transactions allow consumers to purchase an item and pay for it later, usually in a series of installments. While this payment channel is growing in both popularity and acceptance, there are still some questions merchants need to ask before setting up such a program of their own.

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