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Payment Card Best Practices

The merchant card industry is changing, so much so that even the word ‘merchant’ has become out-of-date. In recent years, the industry standard verbiage changed from merchant cards to payment cards to be all-inclusive of the complexities of the payment card world. Examples of payment cards can include traditional credit and debit cards, but also gift cards (closed loop), pre-paid cards (open loop), ghost, and virtual cards.

“The complexity of international guarantees no longer prevents them from being processed digitally”, according to Malik Dahmoune, from Finelia

In November, SWIFT will release a new set of trade finance messages to facilitate paperless processing of international guarantees. The challenges for corporates lie in communicating with all their counterparties in a common language, increasing efficiency and, ultimately, having a consolidated view of their liabilities. In this interview, Malik Dahmoune, director of Finelia Trade Finance Software, explains the key points.

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