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Treasury Key topics in 2021

While the massive roll-out of vaccines against Covid is raising hopes that the ongoing global health crisis will soon be resolved, there’s still considerable uncertainty about the long-term consequences of the pandemic on the economy. CFOs and treasurers will need to be resilient and act with rigour, innovation and boldness to seize the opportunities to be found in 2021.

Transitions in the global payments market

The world often appears large and disconnected, with differences of religion, culture, language and currency that reinforce our independence. Despite these perceived differences, we are, in reality, linked closely together. Our points of connectivity expand with each technological advancement –write Justin DiCioccio, Redbridge Senior Analyst, and Constance Veron, Redbridge Associate Director.

More mobile, more digital: an outline of the future of payments

The pandemic has demonstrated the value of mobile payment solutions in helping mitigate the risk of virus transmission at points of sale. For Mélina Le Sauze, Director at Redbridge, the challenge for every retailer is no longer whether or not to accept mobile payment solutions, but to determine without delay which ones are best suited to their business and the needs of their customers.

“We are ready to implement the 3DS V2 standard in early 2021,” Olivier Brou – SMCP

At the end of 2015, the SMCP group – Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot and De Fursac – decided to migrate its e-commerce platforms to a full-service PSP solution. Olivier Brou, SMCP’s Global Head of Treasury Financing and Digital Payments, outlines the foundations of the group’s unified digital payment strategy and the challenges it’s likely to face in the future.

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